Video of the Day: Behind the Scenes of “Blade Runner”


Occasionally, something amazing surfaces on the internet, and this week, it’s a short film about the production design on Ridley Scott’s classic Blade Runner. The video was apparently made for distribution at fantasy and sci-fi conventions, and it’s been unearthed by sci-fi film blog Future Noir, and it makes for truly interesting viewing — the film features interview with designer Syd Mead and visual effects supervisor Douglas Trumbull, along with shots of concept art, models, and a serious discussion about a futuristic parking meter. You get fascinating insights into the techniques used to create the film’s inimitable atmosphere — and it’s also kind of poignant to see a young, pre-Russell Crowe, Scott talking excitedly about his new feature, especially since he’s now talking ominously about returning to the world of Blade Runner. Where did it all go wrong?

[From Future Noir, via io9.]