Finally, a Title and Some Details on Coen Bros’ ’60s Folk Movie


It seems like ages ago (although it was only earlier this summer) that we learned the Coen Brothers were making a movie about New York City’s 1960s folk-music scene partially based on Dave Van Ronk‘s memoir, The Mayor of MacDougal Street . Since then, we’ve been waiting for some more details — and now we’ve got them. Well, we have a few. The film will be scripted by the Coens, called Inside Llewyn Davis, and Slashfilm speculates that the title character will be a fictionalized version of the late Van Ronk (pictured). Set in Greenwich Village (where else?), the movie’s soundtrack will be live music. This is all very good news, but as die-hard Coen fans, we have to ask: Couldn’t you have given us a release date, too? Even, like, a ballpark one?