When Famous Artists Moonlight as Magazine Cover Designers


Chances are, when an art world big shot dabbles in cover design, something curious happens. Last year, Superflat art superstar Takashi Murakami covered POP Magazine, flinging a 28-year-old Britney Spears back into a school daze à la fuzzy lightning and manga-inspired styling. It was very awkward, yet gloriously so. Even though Damien Hirst can’t ever resist slapping his “signature” butterflies on everything, this year he had said “signature” butterfly tattooed on a most intimate region of a model volunteer for Garage Magazine. From vintage Dalí Vogue work to Chris Ware’s critical, brilliant and ultimately rejected Fortune cover, here are just some of the arty covers out there for you to flip through. Happy browsing!

Takashi Murakami x Britney Spears for POP Magazine

Salvador Dalí for Vogue Magazine

Banksy for Time Out London

Andy Warhol for TIME magazine

Roy Lichtenstein for TIME magazine

Damien Hirst for POP Magazine

Damien Hirst for Garage Magazine. (The sticker peels away to reveal a very intimate butterfly tattoo.)

KAWS for Complex

Julian Schnabel for TAR

Miss Van for Clark Magazine

Aline and R. Crumb for Heeb

Jeff Koons for The New York Times Style Magazine

Chris Ware’s rejected Fortune cover. (View a larger version here.)