A Peek Inside David Lynch’s Club Silencio


As big-time David Lynch fans, we’ve been dying to visit the filmmaker/multi-hyphenate artist‘s Paris nightclub ever since we learned about it back in June. So you can imagine how jealous we are of our friends at the Guardian, who recently spent some time at the Mulholland Drive-inspired, members-only Club Silencio. Although they were disappointed by the lack of odd diversions, the club’s owner promised that the entertainment will pick up when Lynch begins personally programming the venue this month. But even without added spectacle, the space sounds stunning: “Everything from the toilet bowls – black on black – to the saltiness of the nuts on the bar was decided on by the master himself. He even created the 1950s-inspired furniture, the chairs designed to ‘induce and sustain a specific state of alertness and openness to the unknown.'” See a few photos of Club Silencio after the jump, and then be sure to read the Guardian‘s thorough exploration of the place.

For more images of the club and its Lynch-designed furnishings, visit Lynchland on Facebook.