It’s Tammy 1 vs. Tammy 2 vs. Tammy 0 in ‘Parks and Rec’ Preview


Twenty-one days. That’s how long we’ll have to wait for the season premiere of Parks and Recreation. Meanwhile, NBC has created a wonderful, five-minute preview to tide us over until then — and it’s pretty promising. Although we hear a bit about Leslie Knope, the focus is firmly on the internet’s favorite TV character, Ron Swanson. We’ve known for a while that Season 4 will introduce Ron’s first wife, Tammy 1, played by one of our favorite actresses, Patricia Clarkson. But the clip gives us our first glimpse of Clarkson as a character Amy Poehler describes as “ice cold, dangerous, steely, and maternal.” In her presence, says Poehler, “Ron gets neutered and basically turned into an infant.” If Tammy 1 and Tammy 2 weren’t enough, we also meet Tammy 0 — Ron’s hearty, dirty, hard-drinking mom, played by Paula Pell, an SNL writer you might recognize as 3o Rock‘s Paula Hornberger. Watch the preview here, or download it for free at Amazon, and tell us which Tammy you think will emerge victorious. Our money’s on Clarkson. [via Vulture]