The Five Greatest Star Trek Ads Ever


Whether or not J.J. Abrams’ sexed-up Star Trek takes off, one thing’s for sure: it’s a pretty great excuse to start shilling stuff. Not that we’d expect any less. Next to the Kiss empire, the Star Trek franchise is #1 when it comes to licensing the hell out of itself. After the jump, five unbelievably hilarious commercials spanning all the way back to the ’60s.

“What would Spock do?!?” “His usual, Captain, the two-piece combo…”

Most square use of “I haven’t got the power” ever (and that’s saying something!).

“Awwww, they didn’t look that good.” Stop kidding yourself stock ’60s housewife, when it comes to cleaning your kids, Vulcans are the only answer!

God I wish this calling circle actually existed: “But seriously guys, what the fuck is a Ferengi!??”

“People of Earth Unite!!!” If you can’t trust a Klingon to give accurate nutrition advice, who can you trust?

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