Rumor Mill: Noah Baumbach Might Be Adapting ‘The Corrections’


Exciting news for fans of TV shows about dysfunctional families — which as far as we’re concerned, should be just about everyone: According to The Daily Mail , there’s a rumor floating around the Venice Film Festival that Noah Baumbach is interested in adapting Jonathan Franzen’s 2001 National Book Award winner, The Corrections , into a drama series for HBO. As Amanda Dobbins over at Vulture notes, the material would be a far cry from “his traditional broken home bread and butter,” but given his recent less than stellar track record (we liked Greenberg, but Margot at the Wedding?), maybe shaking things up would signal a return to Squid and the Whale-level output for the filmmaker. Plus, he’ll still get to create something that’s super depressing — it doesn’t get much darker than the Lambert family. We see this as a chance for HBO to add something along the lines of Six Feet Under or Big Love back into the rotation. What do you think?