Vintage Photos of Famous Musicians Playing Sports


Sometimes, it seems like you have to be one thing or the other — an athlete or a brain, a princess or a criminal. But as we learned from The Breakfast Club, that’s simply not the case. We recently took a look at intriguing photos of famous authors playing sports — proving once and for all that nerds can be athletic too — and that got us thinking about the famous musicians who’ve also dabbled in the physical arts, often times with each other. Click through to see George Harrison taking on Bob Dylan at tennis, Robert Plant playing soccer in a speedo, Elvis in his football finery, and more. It’s enough to get our blood pumping.

Bob Dylan in 1969, playing tennis against…

George Harrison. [via]

Elton John, then owner of the NASL’s Los Angeles Aztecs, takes a graceful swing in front of famous footballer George Best. [via]

Rod Stewart is a well-known soccer enthusiast. Many normal pictures of him playing exist, but, well, we liked this one. [via]

Doesn’t Elvis look dashing? #11 all the way. [via]

Yes, that is Robert Plant playing soccer in a speedo.

Joan Jett after a run at the 1978 Rock and Roll Sports Classic [via]

Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix fooling around with a soccer ball backstage. [via]

Pat Boone and Trini Lopez making a racket, 1975. [via]

Ray Davies and John Dalton of the Kinks playing table tennis, which is a sport. [via]

You know, because Zappa plays too. [via]

Dylan takes a dive. [via]