WTF of the Day: ‘Chick’ Beer Marketed Just for the Ladies


Ladies! Is your beer not feminine enough for you? Do you wish that you could carry a six pack that looks like a purse, and that the packaging could be hot pink and black, which as we know are every girl everywhere’s favorite colors? Well, you’re in luck. Enter Chick, a newly released beer, with a tagline that reads, “finally, a beer just for women.” (We want to know: where are the beers that are just for men? Did we miss something?) But it’s not just about what’s on the outside, girls. In an interview with the Village Voice, Chick’s creator Shazz Lewis says of her brew, “It’s very mellow. It has a little less carbonation so it doesn’t make you burp. There’s no bitterness, and I think that was the big appeal for women.” Um. We’re not sure where anyone got the idea that women like bitter flavors any more or less than men do, but that’s okay, we’ll sail on through.

In response to criticism that her product is anti-feminist, Shazz explained,

Almost exclusively, the people who have reacted against it on the blogs are middle-aged men and also women who are craft-beer drinkers who think we should have done a craft beer. Their whole thing is that we don’t need a beer specifically for women and I’m like, ‘Why not?’ The beer industry has been for men for so long. But it’s changing all around — the NFL has that whole line of female jerseys, and Harley has bikes for women. I say, ‘Don’t get so upset. Just relax, it’s beer.’

Well, we have to admit that we’re not sold on the idea that the beer industry needs an aggressively girly beer — we feel like the demographic Shazz is aiming for switched to vodka-diet-redbulls long ago. Then again, no one can deny the success of Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Cocktails line, so maybe there is indeed a market for this kind of product. What do you think?

[via the Rumpus]