Rate-A-Trailer: Banksy’s Coming For Dinner


This upcoming film sounds just like a weird dream you’d have after eating too much cheese: “Experience the clash of celebrity, as Hollywood royalty Joan Collins and husband Percy meet Banksy, the most famous living artist in the world. Banksy’s Coming for Dinner is a film within a film and questions the very nature of ‘reality’ at every level.” What’s even stranger — that Collins had no idea that the man she believed to be Banksy was actually actor named Bryan Lawrence. (The filmmaker had approached Banksy’s spokesperson about participating last year, but got denied.)

Some people would have given up at the point. But according to the Daily Mail : “The bizarre plot was dreamt up by former Tory adviser Ivan Massow, a colourful character who made and lost a fortune selling insurance to gay men, and a familiar face on the London social scene, who has known Miss Collins for 20 years.”

His goal? “He filmed the charade in the hope of hoodwinking a TV broadcaster into buying the footage, promoting it as the first time Banksy had revealed himself on camera.”

It gets even better. When the Sunday Mail confronted Massow about the whole thing, he shrugged it off insisting that he had meant to get caught: “I wanted to investigate the nature of what’s real and what’s not real. I knew it would be spotted eventually, as I had put lots of clues in the film, like the fact that the chef was actress Helen Lederer and the waitress was Orlando Bloom’s sister Sam.” Right…

Massow still plans to sell the film online. View the trailer below.