Gallery: The Secret Messages Hidden in Dollar Bills


In his series entitled ‘Live Free or Die,’ multi-media artist Dan Tague, whose work we spotted over at Booooooom, reveals the messages hidden in American currency by folding the bills into bizarre shapes, some ordered, and others less so. It’s actually pretty surprising to see the number of well-known phrases that can be coaxed out of our dollar bills (who knew there were enough letters to proclaim that ‘reality sucks’? Not us, although we admit we’ve never really thought about it). And of course, Tague’s messages are rendered all the more political by his chosen medium, giving the viewer an uneasy feeling about what else our government-issued tender might be — or might not be — telling us. Click through to see some of our favorites from his ‘Live Free or Die’ series, and then head over to his website to see even more of his work, both dollar bill-related and otherwise.