Ziggy Stardust Apartment Building Coming to Australia


As is probably obvious to regular Flavorwire readers, we’re pretty big David Bowie fans around here. And yet, while we own his T-shirts and records and posters, it never occurred to us that we might be able to live in a building that doubles as a portrait of Bowie. But residents of Prahan, a suburb of Melbourne, will have the opportunity to do just that when a $10 million apartment building decorated with an Aladdin Sane-era likeness of Ziggy Stardust’s face begins construction next year. The image, reports the Herald Sun, “will appear on a perforated metal screen and Bowie’s eyes and lips will move when apartment residents adjust screens on their balconies.” Developer Donald Musto explained to the paper why he chose to showcase Ziggy: “I am a Bowie fan, but not ridiculously — it was just an image that we thought spanned a wide generational group.” Meanwhile, the icon originally slated to appear on the façade was none other than Andy Warhol. So, readers, would you like to live in the David Bowie building, or would you rather confine your pop-star worship to the inside of your apartment? [via Dangerous Minds; image credit: Herald Sun ]