Fender Sells $1850 Replica Kurt Cobain Guitar


Kurt Cobain had a long history with Fender guitars, famously designing the Jag-Stang, a hybrid of the company’s Jaguar and Mustang models that was originally produced in 1995. Now, the company is celebrating (or, you know, cashing in on) their relationship with Cobain and the 20th anniversary of Nevermind with a special edition Kurt Cobain Jaguar, a replica of his left-handed 1965 model that reproduces “its worn finish, dual humbucking pickups and unique electronics and controls.” The $1850 price tag (a standard new Jag will run you $700-1100) includes a hard case and a book of Nirvana photos and interviews. If anyone out there has a couple grand to sink into a pre-scuffed, left-handed guitar, we’d love to know how the instrument/collectible works out for you. [via Stereogum]