The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Ben & Jerry’s has officially launched its new Schweddy Balls flavor — based on the famous Saturday Night Live skit starring Alec Baldwin — and it’s purportedly “loaded with fudge-covered rum and malt balls.” Says Baldwin: “For a long time, I thought that ‘Here Lies Pete Schweddy’ would end up on my tombstone. Now, thanks to Ben & Jerry’s, the goodness of the Schweddy family recipe won’t go with me to the great beyond.” [via Time]

2. ABC plans to adapt Candace Bushnell’s 2008 book One Fifth Avenue into a new series that’s being described as “Sex and the City meets The Good Wife,” with Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran on board to write the script. [via THR]

3. An 84-year-old driver ran into Reese Witherspoon yesterday morning while she was jogging in Santa Monica, but luckily the Oscar-winning actress only suffered mild injuries. [via MTV]

4. Apparently Ryan Gosling feels bad for breaking up that art heist/street fight in the East Village because the thief really loved the work of art that he was trying to swipe. “…he finally steals the painting and he’s getting his ass kicked by his hero, and then the guy from The Notebook shows up and makes it weirder. The whole thing, nobody wins. Nobody won.” [via Vulture]

5. South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker delivered a surprise guest lecture at a class called “Storytelling Strategies” at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts yesterday. Watch a brief clip here.

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