Will Ricky Gervais Hijack This Year’s Golden Globes?


While the 2012 Golden Globes ceremony is still months away, yesterday Ricky Gervais posted something on his website that has us extremely excited for this year’s awards show. “I’ve had one of my big ideas,” he writes. “What do you think of this? A live 3 hour podcast during the Golden Globes. Me and a few chums (like Louis CK, Chris Rock, Karl Pilkington, John Stewart, Larry David popping in and out) doing our own alternative commentary. People at home can have the telly on with the sound down listening to us online say things that no broadcaster could get away with. No one could do a fucking thing. The biggest live webcast ever? Who knows? Who cares? What’s fun is the shit we might come out with. No money. No sponsor. No guidelines. Fuck me I can’t wait.” Neither can we. Poor Hollywood Foreign Press Association. How are they ever going to find a host who can compete with a comedian-filled and uncensored renegade podcast? [via Splitsider]