Das Racist's "Michael Jackson" Video = MJ's "Black or White" Video


It was only a few weeks ago that we paid tribute Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” — a video that is alternately random, bloated, and brilliant but never, ever boring. Our rediscovery turns out to have been well-timed: Das Racist have just released a video for their song, “Michael Jackson,” and while it doesn’t feature a ten-year-old Macaulay Culkin in a backwards baseball cap and 20 pounds of gold chain, it certainly owes a debt to “Black or White.” It stars an especially creepy Jackson impersonator, finds the Das Racist boys green-screened into dances with African tribesmen and Hawaiian hula girls, and ends with a face-morphing sequence that doubles as a who’s who of indie rock and underground hip-hop (hey, it’s the dude from Yeasayer! And the guy from Vampire Weekend — no, the other one! And El-P!). Of course, because we’re talking about Das Racist here, we also get a Last Supper scene starring some famous dictators, a few moments of The Simpsons, an SNL homage, and a shout out to Panda Bear. If all this doesn’t sound like too much for a Friday morning, enjoy the video after the jump.

[via Stereogum]