A-List Casting Buzz: Has Hollywood Run Out of Original Ideas Edition


WILL SMITH and STEVEN SPIELBERG are in talks to team up for a remake of a Korean drama about a man imprisoned for 15 years and then released with a cell phone, some money and no explanation. It will be a nice change of pace for Spielberg who is next slated to work on a TINTIN movie with the incredibly shrinking PETER JACKSON. [Variety]

JACK BLACK has been cast as the lead in a “contemporary re-imagining” of GULLIVER’S TRAVELS where he’ll play a travel writer who gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Is this just a badly-veiled excuse to pair Black with a cast of little people? [Cinematical]

TOM CRUISE and CHARLIZE THERON are in talks to join forces in an upcoming thriller called THE TOURIST, based on the 2005 French flick by ANTHONY ZIMMER. The exciting part is that Theron will be playing a tough Interpol agent; Cruise her bumbling tourist sexual pawn. He better hope that she doesn’t go all Wuornos on his ass. [Variety]

PETER and BOBBY FARRELLY have written a screenplay for a THREE STOOGES movie that MGM is looking to greenlight which provides the back story for Moe, Larry and Curly. The brothers will direct the film, but there’s no word yet on casting (we’re choosing to ignore that strange bit about RUSSELL CROWE and MEL GIBSON as possibilities). [THR]