Twenty-thousand People, Awkwardly Jumping on a Bed…


Things were different today at Bryant Park, and it wasn’t just the rain. New Yorkers expecting an ordinary lunch break were greeted at the park’s entrance with a larger than life bed (42 feet by 28 to be exact). But this wasn’t a real life Honey, I Blew Up The Kids mishap. InterContinental Hotels Group kicked off “World’s Bed Biggest Jump” with Shawn Johnson, Olympic gold medalist and Dancing With the Stars contestant (what, no Lil Kim?!).

Apparently, the jumping on the bed like a fool thing was part of an ICH promo that was also going down in Shanghai, Paris, and London. Whatever. We were more interested in watching random business people in suits awkwardly jumping on a huge purple bed in Bryant Park… Stranger things have happened. Right?