Watch a Few Moments of Charlie Sheen's Roast


Comedy Central has released the first clips from its upcoming roast of Charlie Sheen, which is set to air September 19th — coincidentally the same night CBS premieres the Kutcher-fied version of Two and a Half Men. The early word is that Mike Tyson and actress Kate Walsh (aka Addison Shepherd from Private Practice) bombed badly. The good news is that host Jeffrey Ross showed up dressed like Gaddafi and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was kind enough to read Sheen’s mock-obituary. Still, when Sheen enthusiastically declares he survived the roast “unscathed” and rhetorically asks “Did you think your little jokes were going to hurt me?” you’ve got to wonder just how funny the jokes really were. Let’s see, shall we?

[via WarmingGlow]