Super Mario Goes Analog in a Cardboard Box Game


The world needs another Super Mario Bros. post like it needs another war, but there is something irresistible about the Italian plumber. A couple of people much smarter than us took the first level of everyone’s favorite video game and turned it into an analog side-scrolling game. Users control Mario with a little knob on the side to make him jump up and down over brick squares and koopas. As time advances the game gets faster and faster, the obstacles become harder and harder to navigate. Perhaps the best part about this experiment, other than everything about it, is you aren’t stuck with just Mario. If one is inclined they can swap out the characters and enemies and backgrounds and turn the cardboard box into any game they like.

“Watch the second half of the video for an overview of how everything is hooked up. It was super easy to make using a bunch of things we had lying around. You’ll notice lots of lime green painters tape, popsicle sticks, paper cutouts, and even a soda straw,” the creators of the game write. The complete source code for the video game is available on and if you’re curious about Teagueduino and want to buy a kit for yourself, there’s currently a project on Kickstarter. Meanwhile, check out old school Mario in action below.

[via WAXY]