Too Soon? Daniel Edwards' Nude Bust of Amy Winehouse


No stranger to stirring up controversy, New York-based artist Daniel Edwards — who previously made waves with his nude statues of a pregnant Britney Spears down on all fours, Angelina Jolie nursing her twins, and Paris Hilton’s dead body — has created Memorial Portrait for Amy Winehouse, a bronze bust in tribute to the recently deceased singer. “I thought of her as a beautifully delicate fairytale princess, waiting to be rescued from fame and addiction, but her prince never came,” Edwards says. “I had always expected to sculpt her portrait, but I was waiting for her to put some of her troubles behind her. She had made me pay attention to contemporary music again.”

According to his rep, the artwork is meant to be a PSA of sorts, which explains why her chest area looks so concave. “The portrait of Amy is dedicated to those struggling with addiction and eating disorders,” says Cory Allen. “Nobody should have to go through what Amy went through.” What do you think of Edwards using her image in this way? [via LAT]