Is Kreayshawn Actually Hurting Luxury Clothing Brands?


So, you’re wearing that Prada dress you got for 90 percent off at a sample sale, with that Louis Vuitton purse you spent a year saving up for. You’re feeling like pretty hot stuff, until some tiny girl in Amy Winehouse eye makeup and Minnie Mouse ears comes along and calls you a “basic bitch.” Is it time to throw away your fancy wardrobe and start over? Well, according to Adweek, Kreayshawn’s label-hating YouTube manifesto “Gucci Gucci” may actually have had an effect on luxury clothing brands — or, more accurately, her platform of choice, the Internet, is making problems for high-end fashion labels. Although, at first, these companies kept their distance from digital media, they eventually felt pressure to join the unwashed, keyboard-wielding masses. Now that they have, they’re finding that “the democratizing effect of digital can backfire on them, further eroding the aura of exclusivity that defined them for generations.” How perfectly horrifying for them! So, now that we’ve got the “Kreayshawn quandary,” isn’t it high time someone started reporting out the impact of Portlandia‘s “Put a Bird on It” on Etsy’s revenues? We know it’s stopped us from purchasing a swallow-adorned tote bag or two. [via The Awl]