Perez Hilton Reinvents Himself as a Mommy Blogger


In the year since Perez Hilton renounced his obnoxious and exploitative ways — remember, this is the guy who gave the world upskirt photos of an underage Miley Cyrus — the notorious blogger has undergone quite a strange transformation. These days, for instance, he scribbles unnecessary captions (“Ugh!”; “Surprise!”) on celebrity photos, rather than just drawing penises on them. And just a few weeks ago, Hilton published his first children’s book, The Boy with the Pink Hair , about a kid who gets teased because of his abnormally colored tresses. Now, Reuters reports that he’ll continue his quest to balance rumor-mongering with wholesomeness in a new endeavor: Perezitos, a site that will combine news about famous families and children with original content geared toward parents and created by advice-dispensing “mommy experts.” According to Hilton, the site makes sense because “[p]eople love babies and children and pregnancies. People love weddings; people love new couples. It’s not just about train wrecks and out-of-control celebrities.”

A few reactions to this news: 1. So it isn’t just about train wrecks… but it is kind of also about that. Right? 2. Does the world really need another mommy blog — one created by a childless 33-year-old gossip blogger, no less? 3. So if the other main focus of Perezitos is celebrity babies, baby bumps, and weddings, can someone tell us exactly what makes this new-media venture different from, say, People or Us? [via Jezebel]