'Live the Language' Captures the Exuberance of Foreign Travel


The rush of travel comes from the excitement of the unknown, the new experiences fluttering by every moment of the day. Live the Language is an ongoing series of promotional travel videos from the EF International Language Centers which captures that exciting and frightful feeling of being in a new city and not speaking the language, and those strange cultural differences that make each place unique.

Back in early February, the group released videos for London, Paris, Barcelona, and Beijing. The second series of videos, which were released into the wild last week, features a similar setup — the films portray students as they arrive at their schools, make new friends, and begin immersing themselves in the local language — only this time the students travel to Vancouver, Sydney, and Los Angeles.

Director Gustav Johansson captures the vibrancy of each city in a non-touristy manner; but, what really makes them special are the word illustrations composed of gorgeous typography by Albin Holmqvist. If you don’t hear from us for the rest of the week it’s because we’ve packed our bags and are heading to the airport. And yes, we recognize these are nothing more than commercials, but they are gorgeous and they suckered us in. Check out a few of our favorites below.