Ace Hotel Offers Polaroid Instant Cameras and Film at the Mini-Bar


It didn’t seem possible that Ace Hotels in Portland and New York could top their “virtual concierge,” which included a Google Chromebook for guests to use during their stay. Their latest offering, however, is both unusually cool and a throwback to an era before people could shoot photos with their phones. Guest will be able to shoot vacation photos with a refurbished Polaroid camera and limited edition packs of Ace Hotel branded Impossible Project black and white instant film. There’s no word how much this perk will cost guests, but the mark-up might be worth it to have a unique memento.

If you don’t plan on staying at any of their hotels — which you should if you travel to New York, Seattle, Portland or Palm Springs because it’s totally worth it — you can also purchase the branded kits through their website for $150 each. Not too shabby. The partnership with Google and the Polaroid perk isn’t the first time around the block for the boutique hotel chain. The company has worked with Uniqlo, Converse, Opening Ceremony, and other, primarily fashion, brands, over the years. [via PetaPixel]