Man Arrested for Playing His Ex a Dylan Song


A 50-year-old Swedish man was charged with harassment after he played a Bob Dylan song for his ex-girlfriend. Of course, there’s that tiny problem of the restraining order she took out against him, and the fact that she perceived the impromptu concert outside her apartment as “threatening.” The man had hoped the John Cusack-like gesture would reignite their love and unfortunately for us, the news article didn’t include the only detail that truly matters — what Bob Dylan song was the guy playing?

We imagine if he was playing “Lay Lady Lay” or “Don’t Think Twice” the story might have had a different ending because those songs are a straight shot of romance. Check out the songs we guess he tried to play for his ex-girlfriend instead and let us know in the comments what Dylan song you would play to win back an ex.

“The Times They Are a-Changin”

It is perhaps Dylan’s best-known song, a protest tune about the growing youth movement in America during the Vietnam War. Aside from the chorus, which might signal something bad is about to happen to her, the lyrics include lines like “we’ll soon shake your windows and vibrate your walls.” If you already have a restraining order taken out against you, this kind of thing could be misinterpreted.

“Friday (Rebecca Black Cover)”

Okay, so this isn’t technically a Bob Dylan song, but a fool could easily be convinced that was the case. If you heard this song being played on the sidewalk below your apartment would you call the cops too?

“Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”

Songs about death and dying are always a big hit with the ladies.

“Blood in My Eyes”

When you drill down to it, the lyrics to “Blood in My Eyes” is kind of poetic and slightly romantic. If one had a sick sense of humor it is possible they would find this song endearing. But it’s hard to get past late-Dylan’s raspy voice and the constant visual of blood coming out of his eyes, as if he were stricken with a deadly viral infection.

“All Along the Watchtower”

People have been trying to deduce the deeper meaning to this song for the last 40 years or so. It’s probably the last song you’d want to play for an ex when trying to convince them to take you back. There’s nothing more awkward than plodding along, playing the song and realizing the person you are playing for is staring off into the distance looking confused and bored.