Objects in the Rear View Mirror…[Flickr Found Photo Fridays]


This week’s Flickr Photos are the product of semantical error. We meant to enter “rear view mirror”, but instead we typed “rear view window”. This was probably the combined result of drinking too much on Thursday night and a recent Hitchcock binge. Anywho. After wondering why there were so many weird pictures of windows and questioning Flickr’s filtration system a little. We looked at the search box and realized our mistake. Apparently, though, a lot of other people confuse these two (relatively different) terms because we still found plenty of rear view mirror pics to choose from. We were lazy, so we decided to roll with it. On a totally unrelated note — shout out to “folkyouover” for our favorite Flickr handle ever.



VW Buses


Charlotte. Blak


Folk you Over


Tobsen 1981