20 Amazing Reimagined Book Covers


Under the influence of characters, setting, and plot, a number of artists have recently taken it upon themselves to recreate book covers of some of the most beloved literature, often with fantastic results. Whether it be through illustration or painting, collage or embroidery, reimagined cover art isn’t limited to the cardboard backings of books, but takes on a life of its own that ranges from extravagant and crafty, with kaleidoscopic-colored thread twirling on the page, to simple but powerful, with bold graphic designs and eerie color pallets. And while each piece is aesthetically different, these book covers have one thing in common — they all pay homage to the authors and works we hold so dear. See 20 of our favorite works inspired by the likes of J.D Salinger, The Brothers Grimm and Roald Dahl after the jump.

Anne Benjamin, Pride And Prejudice

Jillian Tamaki, The Secret Garden

Heidi Burton, Magic Tales

Nan Lawson, Franny & Zooey

Ben Jones, Macbeth

Claudia Varosio, The Catcher In The Rye

Jillian Tamaki, Emma

Patrick Moberg, A Little Princess

Jillian Tamaki, Black Beauty

Ryan Hartley, Moby Dick

Emmanuel Polanco, The Raven

Claudia Varosio, The Great Gatsby

Ben Jones, 1984 [via]

Rachel Nicole Saffold, The Golden Compass

Emmanuel Polanco, Lolita [via]

Image Credit: Andrew J. Brozyna, The Hobbit [via]

Image Credit: Ryan Hartley, Dubliners

Emmanuel Polanco, The Complete Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales

Rachel Nicole Saffold, The Witches

Sam Smith, Frankenstein [via]