Trailer: Cameron Crowe Returns With 'We Bought a Zoo'


Writer/director Cameron Crowe hasn’t released a movie since 2005’s Elizabethtown. Sure, he’s been rolling our documentaries for the likes of Pearl Jam, but it seems astounding to us that it has been a full six years. In his new, We Bought a Zoo, Matt Damon as a grieving father struggling to be the best parent he can be. So he does what anyone would do in that situation and he buys a zoo, which is, of course, just a metaphor for the wilds of parenting.

There’s a bit of Jerry Maguire, Elizabethtown and all the typical Cameron Crowe heartwarming emotion bordering on schmaltz contained within — like when Thomas Haden Church says, “I like the animals, I love the humans.” The only guarantees are that the movie will have a great soundtrack, you will probably feel guilty for crying at least three times during it and Kevin James, thankfully, is nowhere to be found. Watch the trailer after the jump and let us know if you think Crowe still has it.