10 Music Videos Starring ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Members


As much as we love SNL digital shorts and all the vulgar laughs and Justin Timberlake cameos they may bring, let’s take a break before this weekend’s season premiere to acknowledge another variety of Saturday Night Live music videos, shall we? Y’know, the ones that weren’t produced by Lorne Michaels. Every now and then, a current or former “Not Ready For Prime Time Player” will lend a hand as the protagonist of a real music video for an actual musician, and some of these guest appearances are pretty great. Check out ten of our favorites after the jump.

“You Can Call Me Al,” Paul Simon (featuring Chevy Chase)

He was the very first person to utter “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night,” so it’s appropriate that Chevy Chase kicks off this list. In a 1986 music video for “You Can Call Me Al,” we find the SNL alum snatching lip syncing duties from a discouraged Paul Simon as they jive around a tiny pink room. Enjoy some horn-tooting and a comical height difference above.

“Rabbit Habits,” Man Man (featuring Fred Armisen)

There’s nothing sweeter than young werewolf love — or at least that’s what we get out of Man Man’s 2009 “Rabbit Habits” music video. Check out Fred Armisen, Charlene Yi, and Martin Starr in this romantic tale of magic tricks, circus freaks, and cannibalism.

“Remember The Time,” Michael Jackson (featuring Eddie Murphy)

Put away your textbooks, kids — Michael Jackson is about to give you a nine-minute history lesson in the fall of Ancient Egypt. From what we understand, Jackson seduced Pharaoh “Eddie Murphy” Ramses’ wife, led the Egyptians in a killer dance number, made them disappear, then traveled through the sands of time to be reborn as a pop icon in 1958.

“Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On,” Neal McCoy (featuring Rob Schneider)

For all you honky-tonkers, here’s Rob Schneider having drunken hallucinations of animal man Jack Hanna in a Neal McCoy music video.

“Rooftop,” Emily Hearn (featuring Bill Murray)

We’re not sure how budding songwriter Emily Hearn snagged the elusive Bill Murray for her recent “Rooftop” music video, but YouTube commenter LandisKashu has a theory: “Bill Murray actually didn’t agree to be in this music video. They just found him banging a drum by a barrel of trash.” Shot in Charleston, SC, where Murray owns the minor league baseball team and resides as a local legend, the video shows Murray keeping Emily company as he — er, bangs on a drum by a barrel of trash.

“At or with Me,” Jack Johnson (featuring Andy Samberg)

Jack Johnson was pretty offended by “The Mellow Show,” you guys, which is why he wrote a song about being the butt of an Andy Samberg joke. He even recruited Samberg himself to play a bully in the “At or with Me” music video. Don’t fret, Jack, Mark Wahlberg didn’t take his SNL parody terribly well, either.

“Chuck Norris,” Supafloss (featuring Chris Parnell)

It only takes ten seconds to realize that this seemingly homemade video means business. With additional cameos from John C. Reilly and Jack Black, SNL‘s Chris Parnell joins the guys of Supafloss to channel his inner Chuck Norris and “kick out your spleen.”

“Angel Mine,” Cowboy Junkies (featuring Janeane Garofalo)

Let’s slow it down a bit. Here are Janeane Garofalo — who was part of the SNL cast for a very brief period during the 1994-95 season — and Cowboy Junkies in all their ’90s glory. Y’know, loitering around cinemas and rebuffing spoon salesmen. As you do.

“Hump de Bump,” Red Hot Chili Peppers (featuring Chris Rock)

For some reason or another, Craig Robinson won’t let Chris Rock into the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ block party.

“Fallin’ For You,” Colbie Caillat (featuring Bobby Moynihan)

Current SNL player Bobby Moynihan spends his downtime scoring babes at the beach, one of whom happens to be Colbie Caillat in her “Fallin’ For You” music video. Who would’ve thought?