For $6.8 Million You Can Buy Michael Bay's House


Michael Bay might be one of the most divisive directors in Hollywood. He makes slick-looking action flicks — those 360-degree camera shots! — that are high on octane and low on important things like story, cohesiveness, character development, and decent acting. Still, when things go boom, they do so in a very pretty way. In any case, when we heard the director’s Santa Barbara mansion was up for sale, we grew curious to see just what sort of architectural and interior design styling the man behind Transformers, The Rock, and that asteroid movie had in him. It’s, hmm, not what we were expecting? Certainly not what we were hoping for. Sadly, if you can stomach the high number of Transformers puns in the video — “This property sure is ‘Optimus Prime real estate!'” — you’ll discover that Bay’s low-key decorating runs counter to his over-the-top movies. Check it out after the jump.

[via PopCandy]