'Reading Rainbow' Returning as an iPad App


When Reading Rainbow went off the air in 2006, it was a bit hard to believe. How could a show responsible for fostering a love of books and reading in kids for so many years just go away? It seemed absurd that the PBS show wouldn’t exist. Thankfully, LeVar Burton, who was the show’s host and responsible for its creation, is bringing the brand back as an interactive iPad app. He tells Venture Beat that his company RRKidz is compiling an initial library of 300 iPad and smartphone books, including roughly 50 to be voiced by Burton himself. The idea is to make the books interactive with animation, voices, games, videos, and other multimedia content. The app might be free to download or it titles could be accessed with a subscription plan; to be honest, it sounds like they haven’t figured that part out yet. Still, it’s hard to nitpick with a guy who refuses to stop trying to make reading cool. “I would be stupid to ignore history. But if I had listend to all the people when I was 19 years old who said it would be too tough to be an actor, I would not be where I am today,” Burton said. [via FastCompany]