Watch an Epic 'Bored to Death' Trailer Featuring Sarah Silverman


Bored to Death is one of those shows that gets better and better with each episode — so we’ve been looking forward to its third season ever since last year’s finale, and a positively epic new trailer suggests we won’t be disappointed. Here is a short list of what the preview packs into a mere minute: Ted Danson giving a speech on the meaning of life, Jason Schwartzman telling a talk-show host he’s resolved to find his father and then hanging from the clock atop the Williamsburg Savings Bank, Sarah Silverman as a therapist, Zach Galifianakis leading an army of guys in identical superhero costumes, and a sex scene involving a dude in a tiger costume. Season 3 kicks off October 10th on HBO, and as of now we’re officially counting down the days.

[via Vulture]