Candles That Evoke NYC’s Legendary Times and Places


Although we love New York in 2011, we have to admit that we sometimes fantasize about being magically transported to earlier eras in the city’s cultural life — the Warhol ’60s, the punk-rock ’70s, the art-damaged ’80s. So we find ourselves intrigued by The OAK Candle Project, a new line of candles from NY boutique mini-chain OAK, which seek to evoke specific times and places from nostalgia-inducing periods in Manhattan and Brooklyn’s past. Christopher+West 76, for example, is meant to evoke the “disco, leather, smoke, sweat, subtle florals, poppers, and Tom of Finland” of the mid-’70s West Village bar; traveling nearly three decades forward in time, McKibben+Bogart 03 [sic] is all about that heady Bushwick aroma of paint thinner, incense, and booze. (Prince+Mercer 97 and St. Marks+First 85 are also available.) We’re curious to get a whiff of these candles — but do we plan to spend $68 to make our apartment smell like the morning after a McKibbin Lofts party? No, we do not. [via Refinery29]