Watch ‘Community’ Recut as a Sexual Thriller


Yes, the off-the-wall pop culture references on Community make it worth talking about the next morning with friends, but it’s the show’s characters that elevate it from being a very good comedy to being — perhaps — the best sitcom on television. One needs look no further than the Annie and Jeff slashfic created by the show’s most rabid fans — which became so popular that showrunner Dan Harmon and co. made reference to it during the fake recap episode. As they say, it’s the little things. We couldn’t help but think of those little things while watching this NBC-made clip that re-purposes the show as a sexual thriller. You can easily forget all the tense, angry, and dramatic moments that have happened at Greendale Community College. Season 3 kicks off September 22nd on NBC, and as of now we’re counting the minutes.

[via warmingglow]