James Franco Ditches One Cormac McCarthy Project for Another


Earlier this year, we reported that James Franco was planning to adapt and direct a film based on Cormac McCarthy’s classic novel Blood Meridian. However, when asked on the progress of the project by a fan at this week’s Toronto Film Festival, Franco responded, “We shot a 20 minute test of it (Blood Meridian) that turned out pretty well… we were gearing up to do the feature but that for various reasons it’s on hold, but we are going to make a movie based on his (Cormac McCarthy’s) third book Child Of God.”

Of McCarthy’s ten books, three have already been made into films, with varying degrees of success — 2000’s All the Pretty Horses was a critical and financial failure, but No Country for Old Men won an Oscar for Best Picture in 2007, with 2009’s adaptation of The Road hovering somewhere in between. Though we’re still not sure if Franco has the chops to adapt a McCarthy novel, we’re just not going to worry about it too much more. After all, he gave up on the last McCarthy project, so who’s to say he won’t frolic away from this new idea just as soon as the mood strikes? [via Paste ]