1,000 Nude Israelis Pose in the Dead Sea for Spencer Tunick


Yesterday, 1,000 Israeli volunteers stripped down and hopped into the Dead Sea for photographer Spencer Tunick, who is famous for his large-scale nude portraits in public spaces. This photo installation is meant to call attention to the environmental concerns surrounding the famously salty Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, which experts warn could dry out by 2050. “The (human) body is vulnerable. Our bodies, which are so fragile, are driving this amazing sea to destruction,” Tunick said. “Hopefully my work with this will be associated with the human-made natural disaster at hand, and not with war.” Click through to see some photographs from the day, and then be sure to check out more of Tunick’s work at his website.

Photos courtesy Jack Guez / AFP – Getty Images / gershberg.livejournal.com via Design You Trust