Skywriting as Graffiti: SABER Protests Mural Moratorium


Urban artist SABER has discovered a new place to put his graffiti: the sky. In an effort to protest a mural moratorium imposed by the Los Angeles City Council, the SoCal street-scrawler tagged the skies above his city with cryptic messages like “Upperplayground,” “Art Work Rebels,” “Art Is Not A Crime,” “End Mural Moratorium,” and in a nod to fellow graffiti-maker, Shepard Fairey, “Obey.” SABER’s skywriting project comes on the heels of MoCA’s Art in the Streets exhibit, and addresses LA’s contradictory practices of sanctioning huge billboards for ads while prohibiting large-and-small-scale murals. According to, the campaign is an effort to get more people to sign a petition ending the mural moratorium. As SABER claims, “Los Angeles was once the ‘Mural Capital of the World’ and [the] city should claim that title again!” See more skywriting after the jump.