This Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. James Frey and Oprah are totally not fighting — in fact, Oprah even called to bury the hatchet. [via Vanity Fair]

2. Star Trek breaks IMAX records, and our wallets in the process [via Slash Film] (Also: Don’t get fooled like Aziz.)

3. Tao Lin has sold his MySpace page on EBay for $8,100 to an investment banker. [via MOBYLIVES]

4. “Anthony Zuiker, creator of the hit TV series CSI and its two spinoffs, says his new multimedia ‘digi-novel’ will launch a ‘revolution in publishing for the YouTube generation.'” [via USA Today]

5. NPR takes down Outrage review because it names public figures outted in the film [via indieWIRE]