A New News Site for The Change Generation


Flavorpill friend Elizabeth Spiers gave us the head’s up that MSNBC anchor Carlos Watson is launching a news and opinion site today called TheStimulist. Per her post: “This is a totally bootstrapped operation, and was really based on Carlos’s hunch that there was something important happening with the groundswell of young, engaged voters in the last election. They’re indicative of a progressive generation of people who are not afraid of provocation, are heavily informed already, and demand smart analysis of current events. Ideally, TheStimulist will provide that.” More on the launch can be found over at Business Week.

The slick venture looks like it’s supposed to appeal to 20-somethings, and has a funny yet focused editorial mix. (Kind of a Big Deal, Good Sh*t, and The C Note, Watson’s own column, are among the six daily features.) Among the most interesting things we found while digging around: this article about a film that addresses Spain’s domestic violence problem; this think piece about how who you voted for 18 sticks with you for life; and this post about what we can learn from the Transcontinental Railroad.

Check it out.