Depression Special #8: Five Free (and legal) Full-Album Downloads


Sure Pusha T might be able to “blow a hundred thou’ in a recession with no second guessing,” but for those of us whose incomes aren’t bolstered by the historically solvent coke-rap industry, the shaky economy still sucks. But thanks to this, the eighth and latest installment in the Depression Special series, even us bindle-toting plebes can get a break from the liver and onions lifestyle with another hearty helping of ear candy. After the jump, five free and legal full-record downloads to help keep your mind off that nagging tummy, and those last precious dollars tucked safely away in your boot.

Dearling Physique – Impressions of the Night EP The songs on Dearling Physique’s new EP, Impressions of the Night, sound like they were designed by insomniacs. Dominique Davis croons circus music melodies over skittish beats that recall the elusiveness of sleep over the course of a restless night.Preview | Download the Record

Dan Deacon – Twacky Cats EPDan Deacon’s Twacky Cats EP, a four song compilation from 2004 features all the familiar elements of Deacon’s sound (hi-tempos, absurdist lyrics, FM modulated sine waves) combined in a way that doesn’t quite yet hit on the winning formula exhibited on Spiderman of the Rings, and more recently, Bromst. Still, these four tracks offer some interesting oddities, like the chance to hear Deacon sample Buddy Holly and sing sans the ridiculous pitch-shifting that usually masks his voice.Preview| Download the Record

Various Artists – Interplanetary Materials The new Star Trek movie is now out and by the looks of it any movie that tries to wrest from its grasp that coveted first place spot at the box office is facing a scenario as un-winnable as the Kobayashi Maru test. In case the movie leaves you craving more of that vintage sci-fi flavor, we’ve got you covered with Interplanetary Materials, a 2-CD compilation of space related oddities and exotica celebrating that old-school sci-fi spirit with songs evoking the optimism and kitsch of The Original Series.Download the Record

Joe Meek – Demos This selection of demos from the legendarily quirky outsider composer Joe Meek showcases the creative process behind his independently produced yet commercially successful pop songs. Meek’s lyrics in these demos remain a curiosity, their radio-friendly banality strangely difficult to resolve with the eeriness of the underlying music not to mention the depressing particulars of his short and violent life. Preview| Download the Record

Prefuse 73 – MoMA Podcast In preparation for an appearance at MoMA Monday Nights, Prefuse 73 preps an exclusive podcast, matching the art museum’s ambiance with cuts from the likes of Tim Hecker, Boredoms, Christopher Willits, Dilla, and Hudson Mohawke.Download the Record

Know about an album we should feature in next week’s Depression Special? Send our editors an email here and we’ll give it a spin.

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