Gallery: Neuroscience Meets Visual Art


His work may look like it’s made from Lucite, gold leaf, or even silk, but grad student Greg Dunn actually makes screen prints of his favorite subject: neurons. Dunn studies neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania, and a series of his biologically-inspired creations has been commissioned by the neuroscience department at the University of California, San Diego. An amateur artist and PhD candidate, Dunn makes paintings that are often indistinguishable from landscapes, with branches, leaves, and flowers that are actually cortical neurons, retinal neurons, and parts of the hippocampus. More of Greg Dunn’s incredible work after the jump.

Gold Cortex (2010) by Greg Dunn. [Spotted via BoingBoing]

Two Pyramidals (Detail, 2010) by Greg Dunn

Retina I (Detail, 2010) by Greg Dunn

Hippocampus II (Detail, 2010) by Greg Dunn

Black and Gold Purkinjes (Detail, 2010) by Greg Dunn

Gold Retina (Detail, 2010) by Greg Dunn

Olfactory Bulb (Detail, 2010) by Greg Dunn

Purkinje Neurons (2008) by Greg Dunn

Basket Cells (2008) by Greg Dunn