WTF: The CW Is Making a Musical Chairs Reality Series


Oh, for heaven’s sake, the CW. You can’t do anything right, can you? First you killed Veronica Mars (no, we still haven’t forgiven you for that). Then you let the once-fun Gossip Girl stagnate to the point of becoming nearly unwatchable. While Ringer was our single most anticipated new show of 2011, the first two episodes have us wondering whether our enthusiasm was misplaced. And now — now! — you have announced what may well be the most terrible project we’ve ever seen: Extreme Musical Chairs — yes, that appears to be the actual working title — which The Wrap reports aims “will turn the game into a more intense, complicated physical competition set on an indoor obstacle course.” Happily, there are no details yet on when the show will premiere, which means there’s still a chance that it will get lost in development hell or turn out too awful to air.