Whatever Happened To… Sinbad


Welcome to Whatever Happened To…, a new weekly column where we’ll unearth a pop culture personality from the deep, dark recesses of your over-stimulated psyches. Because nostalgia is fun! For this initial installment we present you with Sinbad, someone who we hadn’t thought about in forever ever, but then we got a press release about some charity concert called “Applause for the Cause” that he’s doing with Dionne Warwick. Which is weird, because they’re both ginormous tax evaders. In recent years he’s also battled an Internet death rumor and Hillary Clinton. (We’re not sure which we’d rather go head to head with.)

But back to happier times, circa A Different World, when Coach Walter was at the top of his game. Below one of the only Sinbad videos we could find on YouTube without the embedding disabled by request.