This Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories


1. The Michael Jackson tour is almost definitely happening, but with tickets averaging $115 and a show length of two-plus hours, are you prepared to make that kind of investment? [via Billboard]

2. Nicole Kidman has mysteriously jumped ship from Woody Allen’s upcoming movie, which also stars her pal Naomi Watts. It might have something to do with than American Apparel endorsement she’s been hoping for… [via EW]

3. Al Pacino will star in the film adaptation of Malcolm Gladwell’s non-fiction hit Blink. How are they making it into a story? “Pacino’s character notices that the son has the talent to size up people and situations on a dime, and tries to use this to both help the boy find himself, and to make some money off of him.” Oy. [via TDB]

4. There’s a weird actor/producer battle over a woman raging behind-the-scenes of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. In true Tarantino-style, it’s very non-linear and all scores will be settled in a carefully-choreographed fight scene. [via NYDN]

5. Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto’s sci-fi-inspired installation at the Park Avenue Armory — which opens tomorrow — looks like something out of Star Trek. And it’s probably the closest to outerspace we’ll ever get outside of astronaut ice cream. [via NYT]