Video of the Day: ‘Twin Peaks’ as an 8-Bit Video Game


How do you transform one of the most complex TV shows of all time into a video game? Apparently Nintendo didn’t know, because their attempt to piggyback on Twin Peaks never saw the light of day. But now, two decades after the show aired, a multitalented fellow named Jak Locke has made a video imagining what such a game might look like. His 8-bit creation takes place in the Black Lodge, and starts off with an extraordinarily uneventful minute (which is about right, isn’t it, Twin Peaks fans?) before launching into a supremely fast and confusing battle. And, yes, there is creepy audio, too. A word of warning: If you haven’t gotten all the way through the show, you may not want to watch this video, which is set during the series finale. It definitely contains spoilers — although it’s also so difficult to follow that it may well ruin absolutely nothing for you.

[via Mental Floss]