Sly Stone Is Homeless


It isn’t news that Sly Stone has had a horrible past several decades. Ravaged by drugs and paranoia, the Sly & the Family Stone frontman began deteriorating in the early 1970s and was barely appearing in public by the ’90s. But things seemed to be looking up for Stone in recent years — he has made brief stage appearances with The New Family Stone, granted a few interviews, and even released the collaborative album I’m Back! Family and Friends last month.

That’s why it’s shocking to see the New York Post report that Stone, who has spent much of his life in palatial California homes, is homeless and living in a camper van decorated with the words “Pleasure Way.” Although he wouldn’t let the paper’s reporter into the van, the 68-year-old musician professed to enjoy living in it. “I just do not want to return to a fixed home. I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving,” he said. It certainly stands to reason that a man who thinks he’s being chased by the government and hitmen would enjoy living in a mobile home, but it seems Stone isn’t exactly there by choice. According to him, it’s his $50 million fraud lawsuit against former manager Jerry Goldstein that caused him to lose a Napa Valley rental in 2009. [via NME ]