Are Matt and Kim Being Used By Bacardi?


It’s no secret that we’re all about Matt and Kim (we especially like’m naked and kicking it at college). Still, we can’t help but feel they’re being used by Bacardi to white-wash the brand. In a new ad featuring “Daylight,” a Jake Gyllenhaal look-alike traipses through a series of high-end dance halls, each from a different era, all in search of the mighty mojito. The absurdity of Matt and Kim playing anywhere but a broken-down basement aside, the song is bizarrely out of step with the flappers, swing steps, ballroom dancing, and psychedelic love-in.

Check out the ad after the jump: keep an eye out for the androgynous singer (it isn’t Matt!), and see if you can spot ANYONE that isn’t white (aside from the stereotyped piano man showing pearly teeth).

Now, contrast THAT with THIS: