Can This Danish Political Drama Rival ‘The West Wing’?


Those of you who have had a West Wing-shaped hole in your TV viewing heart for the past five years, brace yourselves; NBC plans to adapt an award-winning Danish drama known as Borgen (“Government”) that covers much of the same territory, with Friday Night Lights executive producer David Hudgins writing the script and co-producing the series. “Borgen focuses on the fight for political power and its consequences,” reports Deadline. “It centers on smart and sexy 40-year-old populist party leader Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) who scores a surprise election victory only to discover the biggest challenge of her life is yet to come.” Given how well the last TV import from Denmark — The Killing — did with American viewers, and the fact that we’re headed into an election year, we think this one sounds promising. Click through to watch a trailer for the original version (which will air in the US on Link TV), and let us know if you think an adaptation of the material is a good idea.