Your Favorite Stars as Russian Military Generals


English portraiture meets pop culture in this series of digital paintings that one artist has created based on 329 19th century portraits of Russian Generals who defeated Napoleon in 1812. George Dawe was Russia’s first portrait painter of the Imperial Court. His creations have become the jumping point for Steve Payne’s new body of work, in which he digitally replaces the faces of the Generals with those of friends, family, and various celebrities. Payne found several photographic reproductions of the original paintings and has inserted the famous mugs of people like Sean Connery, Rob Pattinson, and Bill Murray. Some folks look right at home in their regal get-ups — the big surprise being Mickey Rourke who looks just as comfortable donning an epaulet as he does on a Harley. Sadly, Elijah Wood seems to be swallowed whole by his uniform, and Charlie Sheen is … well, Charlie Sheen. Check out more after the jump, and let us know who commands your attention most.

Image credit: Steve Payne [via Likecool and replaceface]